Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services is the custodian of our clients’ accounts. Fidelity has over $4.0 trillion in assets under administration for over 13,500 institutional advisors and 7.5 million accounts. Fidelity is the 2nd largest custodian overall and the largest privately-owned one in the world. Fidelity provides our clients with asset custody and online access and facilitates trades for us. They also provide guidance on practice management, technology, and other areas to help us to grow over time.

Osaic (formerly Advisor Group) is the second largest independent brokerage force in the industry, with over 11,000 affiliated advisors and $565 billion in client assets. Triad Advisors, which is one of eight Broker/Dealers owned by Osaic, has 600+ financial professionals who serve over $16.4 billion in client assets, as of June 30, 2022. Triad Advisors was named by Investment Advisor magazine as the leading Broker/Dealer for Hybrid Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) Firms. Osaic Advisory Services is a part of Osaic that allows independent advisors to maintain their advisory and commissionable business and contract with one of Osaic’s Corporate RIAs. The advisor does not have to give up ownership of the practice and can leverage all of the tools provided by Osaic for their clients’ unique situations. Osaic Advisory Services provides Justabout Wealth Management with back office support, including processing of paperwork, compliance, technology, software, billing, and much more.

Ladenburg Thalmann is owned by Osaic. Through the relationship, Ladenburg provides support in several areas: investment banking, insurance, and asset management. Ladenburg Asset Management, the investment arm of Ladenburg Thalmann, provides investment research and management. They have over $4 billion in assets under management for over 7,500 clients, and they provide us with research and recommended lists for use in our practices.