On the personal side, there is significant diversity in our clients, in terms of age, profession, and income level. The following are some examples of target markets for us:

High Net Worth Individuals and their Families

Many high net worth investors have extremely complicated financial situations with many moving parts. This is where we can be of significant help. We have experience in a broad array of financial planning areas and will create a customized approach to handle the many complexities. These investors often include business owners, who have even more complex situations when it comes to business succession, taxes, and family dynamics. We work side-by-side with CPAs, P&C insurance agents, and estate planning attorneys in an effort to make sure our clients are protected in all areas. We can also help with setting up charitable trusts for clients who wish to gift. All of this allows them to focus their attention on the many other areas of their lives that require it.

Soon-to-be Retirees

Many of our clients are retired or approaching retirement over the next 5 to 10 years. For these people, now is the time to make sure they are on pace to meet their goals, so they can retire when they want and at an income level that works for them. Many of these clients have large 401(k) plan balances and need guidance on how to invest them going into retirement. One of the biggest concerns we hear from pre-retirees is that they do not know from where they should draw their income at retirement. How should and when should they take Social Security and/or pensions? What accounts should be drawn on first? What are the tax ramifications of withdrawals from certain types of accounts? They also frequently ask about handling health care costs. Our financial planning and investment management knowledge allows us to create a roadmap to ease the worry that often comes with approaching retirement.

Mid-Career Professionals

Another popular group of clients are our mid-career individuals and families. These are people between their late 30s and 50s who have significant needs to plan for education of their children, manage risk in the case of a death or disability, pay down debt, and chart a course for future retirement, among other goals. We help these clients by preparing a comprehensive financial plan that addresses all of these concerns to make sure they do not put themselves behind the eight ball down the road. In particular, failure to have the proper insurances (life, disability, auto, homeowner’s, umbrella) in place during this phase of life can significantly derail future plans. We review the benefits offered by their companies, which often include some of these insurances, to make sure they are maximizing them.

Young Professionals

We work with young professionals who realize they need to start saving aggressively and planning for the future. We help these clients to make wise decisions when it comes to buying a house, saving for education for their kids, and budgeting, among other areas. Our young professional clients realize that online tools do not have all the answers and want a more customized, in depth, and personal approach to planning for their futures. Many have no sense of how to invest their 401(k) plans or whether to set up IRAs or other types of accounts. We help them to clarify all of these concerns.

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