We are Justabout your taxes.

While we are not CPAs, we work closely with clients to help them with taxes. We also develop relationships with their CPAs and often consult with them before making portfolio changes that could impact them for tax purposes. Tax loss harvesting takes a considerable amount of time, but we see it as essential to helping our clients maximize their tax savings each year. Many firms do not harvest losses due to the amount of time it takes, as it is a manual process.

We look at tax efficient vehicles such as municipal bonds and tax managed investments for some clients in high tax brackets. We also take advantage of tax deferred vehicles such as Traditional and Roth IRAs, and well as low expense annuities at times. We consider Backdoor Roth IRAs for some of our high net worth clients if they make sense. We believe it is important for our clients to have tax flexibility at retirement, through having vehicles that are taxed in different ways and can be used at different times during retirement.

Let’s talk about Tax Planning.